Recruitment for companies

Staff leasing and recruitment

Recruitment of employees

At AWA, we are a strong partner in the search for a stable skeleton staff, especially for candidates from third countries.

  • We can find you suitable candidates for a variety of positions in almost every industry sector.
  • We can help with work permits, visas and residence permits (by proxy).
  • We will arrange accommodation and coordination for the employees, or medical interpretation.

We have tens of thousands of candidates in our database, from which we select the ideal candidates for the selected positions. This also makes recruitment incomparable compared to a client where only the current need arises.

What is employee recruitment?

The term recruitment can simply mean the process of recruiting employees for companies in various industries.

As an employment agency, AWA does this work on behalf of clients for whom it carefully selects quality employees. This saves the employer time and recruitment efforts.

HR staff leasing

Staff leasing, or the loaning of employees, functions as temporary employment. In AWA Partners we hire not only citizens of the Czech Republic and other member countries, we can also offer workers from so-called third countries not only for a 3-month work permit, but also for a 2-year period through employee cards.

  • We have many years of experience in the administration of work permits,
  • significant legal oversight and practice in complex cases,
  • long-standing knowledge of the subject,
  • and we continuously educate ourselves on current legislation, which makes us strong partners in the employment of citizens from so-called third countries.

We also have a comprehensive targeted database of citizens from Ukraine with experience of the Czech labour market and with recorded work experience in a specific field. This proclaims the high added value of candidates for our clients.

What is staff leasing?

A temporary employment agency exists when employees (temporary agency workers) are provided by the employer to a third party (the hirer) for a limited period of time for a fee.

Other synonyms are temporary work, temporary employment, hiring staff and hiring staff.

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