13. 11. 2022

Tips for Ukrainians: What about health care or schools for children?

Tips for Ukrainians working in the Czech Republic: If you are already working in the Czech Republic, or are planning to work here, you will find practical information on more than just work. How does it work in the Czech Republic with health care, schools and kindergartens, or driving a car, for example?

Jobs for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic

Employment of Ukrainians is currently easy - Ukrainians are currently allowed to stay and work in the Czech Republic on the basis of a package of laws called Lex Ukraine. Thanks to them, you don't need a work permit and you have free access to the labour market, which will make it much easier for you to get a job in the Czech Republic without any problems.

Where to find a job for foreigners in the Czech Republic?

You can look for a job in the Czech Republic in several ways:

Job placement through an employment agency

If you don't speak Czech, it's best to use an employment agency that specialises in employing foreigners. In addition to arranging work, they can also provide you with translations or an interpreter, or help you with the necessary paperwork. In addition, many also offer accommodation options for agency workers.

ubytování zaměstnanců

If you are employed by an employment agency, you sign an employment contract directly with the agency. It will then assign you to an employer.  Simply put, the whole process works like an agency hiring workers.

You don't even have to worry about agencies taking advantage of you - in any case, you are protected by law. The employment contract must be in writing and contain all the elements required by law, such as the amount of remuneration, working hours and place of work. The contract also entitles you to holiday pay, sick pay and a 2-month notice period (depending on the type of contract or agreement). So you have the same rights and obligations as Czech employees.

However, if you have any doubts, you can always look up the agency in the  Employment Office's list to see if it has all the necessary permits.

Health service for Ukrainians

Under temporary protection, Ukrainians are provided with state-funded health insurance for 150 days. However, if you want to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 150 days after you have been granted temporary protection, you will have to pay for your own health insurance.

When will the state pay for your health insurance after your temporary protection ends?

After 150 days, in some cases the state may still pay for your health insurance. And that's if you are:

  • a child under 18 years of age,
  • a student 18-26 years old – if you are studying in the Czech Republic and provide proof of study to the insurance company,
  • a person caring for a child – if you care for a child under 7 or more children under 15 all day and you provide the insurance company with an affidavit or birth certificates of the children,
  • a person registered with the Employment Office – if you register with the Employment Office after 150 days and provide the insurance company with a certificate of registration,
  • a senior over 65 years.

If you are an employee, your employer pays the health insurance for you, even if you work on an agreement and your income is higher than CZK 10,000 for a contract for work or CZK 3,500 for an agreement to work.


Under your health insurance, you have access to public healthcare, which means you can see almost any healthcare provider.

Schools and colleges for Ukrainians

Ukrainian children have the opportunity to enrol in schools and kindergartens. Some of them have opened Ukrainian classes, where teaching is in the Ukrainian language. Information on the number of vacant places in schools for Ukrainian students can be found on the shkola.cz portal.

What do I need to submit for school registration?

The child's parents or other legal guardian must apply in writing to the principal of the selected school for the child's admission. You must also provide identification documents for both the parent (legal guardian) and the child (a visa is sufficient).

The translated forms for schools can be found on the website of the National Institute of Education of the Czech Republic.

Driving documents for Ukrainians

If you are driving in the Czech Republic, you do not need a Czech driving licence, you can use your national licence. A European driving licence is also not required. As far as cars registered in Ukraine are concerned, they can be operated in the Czech Republic if:

  • they have valid proof of car insurance or compulsory insurance (green card),
  • the car is in good working order.

Czech language courses for foreigners

To help you integrate into a team, find a better job or get a full education, it's an advantage to know the language. Therefore, take advantage of one of the Czech language courses for foreigners. Employment agencies also offer them to their staff, some schools have courses for Ukrainian children, or look for a language school.

In the Czech Republic you will also find news for Ukrainians in Ukrainian to keep you up to date. Czech Radio and Czech Television also offer broadcasts in Ukrainian.

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